15th CAS General Meeting Guadeloupe 2006

Science and Technology in a Caribbean Environment

Proceedings of the 15th Meeting & Conference

hosted by

The DFA Chapter of the Caribbean Academy of Sciences


Creole Beach Hotel - Gosier, Guadeloupe

May 21 – 23, 2006

Edited by

D. Himmel, GTSI,

Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, Guadeloupe, France

The proceedings and papers presented in Guadeloupe are available as PDF files for download, collected together under the conference themes.


Computer Science/ Mathematics

Chemistry / Physics of Materials

Energy / Environment / Pollution

Environment / Climate / Natural Hazards / Simulation

Agriculture / Plant Biology

Agriculture / Animal Biology

Marine Biology / Bacteriology

Health / Social Sciences

The full set of paper titles is given below:

Computer Science and Maths

The Interdisciplinary Importance of Computer Science

C. Posthoff

Parallel Mining of Association Rules

W. Thomas

Boundary controllability with constraints on the state

G. Massengo and O. Nakoulima

Characteristic Cauchy Problem for Nonlinear Unidirectional Wave Equation

J.A. Marti

The sentinel method for mixed boundary condition dissipative problem with incomplete data

A. Omrane

Angles and Logarithms

A. Torrens

Estimation of the Large Multifractal Deviation Spectrum

M. Abadi, E. Grandchamp

A Variant of Newton's Method for Generalized Equations

C. Jean Alexis and A. Pietrus

An Accurate Projection Method for Incompressible Flows

C. Févrière, P. Angot, J. Laminie and P. Poullet

Introduction to and Implication of Emergent Global Internet Protocols and Policies for the Caribbean Region

J. Crain

Kernel Theorems in Spaces of Colombeau Generalized Functions

A. Delcroix

Chemistry / Physics of Materials

The Diels Alder Reaction, a Useful Synthetic Methodology

R.C. Jagessar and J.J. Hingree.

The Sol-Gel Process: a Method to Prepare Synthetic Materials and to Understand Natural Materials

T. Woignier, P. Dieudonné, J. Primera and A. Charlier de Chilly

Extraction and Isolation of Natural Products From Momordica Charantia

R.C. Jagessar and A. Mohamed

Ground and Excited States Vibrational Frequencies of 3-Amino-2-Chloropyridine

V.N. Verma

Effect of Processing Method on Shelf Stability of Coconut Water

H. G. Arscott and I. A. Lambert

Introduction of Electron Microscopy to The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

D. Hinds and R. Saunders

Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy approach for Caribbean Ceramics Identification

B. Vicens, J.S. Guibert, D. Himmel and J.L. Mansot

High Spatial Resolution Raman Spectroscopic Mappings in Dynamic Lubricated Sphere - Plane Contacts: Application to Pressure and Thickness Profile Measurements

D. Himmel, Y. Bercion and J.L. Mansot

Band Structure Calculations Applied to Structural Determination of Graphite Intercalation Compounds: the Case Of CaC6

K. Delbé, Ph. Thomas, N. Emery, C. Hérold, F. Boucher, J.-P. Buisson, P. Lagrange and J.L. Mansot

Development and Applications of a Flash Test Using High Powered Ultrasounds for the Fast Evaluation of the Durability of Painted Galvanized

J. Pigerre, P. Rodriguez , Y. Bercion and J.L. Mansot

Nano Friction of Low Dimensional Compounds Using Atomic and Lateral Force Microscopy: Toward An Atomic Interpretation

P. Bilas, L. Romana, F. Bade, K. Delbe, P. Thomas and J.L. Mansot

Nanomechanical Characterizations of Submicrometer Thick-Tribologic Films

L. Romana, P. Bilas, V. Golabkan and J.L. Mansot

Theoretical Approach of Nanocristallized Graphite Phases: Influence of Cluster Size Electronic Band Structure-Correlation to EELS Near Edges Structures

T. Césaire, V. Jeanne-Rose, N. Nomède Martyr, L.Largitte and J.L. Mansot

Antiwear and Antifriction Action Mechanisms of Colloidal Lubricant Additives

V. Golabkan, P. Bilas, L. Romana, J. Pigerre and J.L. Mansot

Tribological Properties of Room Temperature Graphite Fluorides Heat-Treated Under Fluorine Atmosphere

P. Thomas, K. Delbé, D. Himmel, J.L. Mansot, C. Delabarre, M. Dubois, K. Guérin and A. Hamwi

Kinetic Study of Sulfation of Natural Limestones from Guadeloupe

N. Passé-Coutrin and A. Ouensanga

Experimental Aqueous Phase Adsorbents Made From Purple heart (Peltogyne venosa) Sawdust And Rice Husk

D. I. Fox and R. Singh

Organic Electronics: From Molecules to Devices

L. Hirsch, G. Wantz, N. Huby, M. Urien, L. Vignau and J.P. Parneix

Characterization of Vetiver Roots Activated Carbon and Absorption Of Phenolic Compounds

S. Altenor, B. Carene, J. Lambert, J.J Ehrhardt, A. Ouensanga and S. Gaspard

A Comparative Study of Biological Indigenous Products Used to Increase Surface Hardness of Low Plain Carbon Steel

D. Gossett and A. Oliver

Industrial Production of Value-Added Chemicals From Sugarcane Bagasse

G.B. Isabelle

Multi technique approach of chemical and mechanical properties of hotmelts

N. Nomede Martyr, A. Gruda,S. Radegonde , T. Cesaire, D. Himmel and J.L. Mansot

Energy / Environment / Pollution

A Day - Night Solar Air Dryer with the Temperature and Flow Rate Controls: Numerical Simulation and Experimental Results

O. Tamarin, J.L. Bernard, F. Dupont, H. Clergeot and M. Dupont

Lack of Significance of Usual Ecological Indicators in Predicting Pesticides Contamination: Specificities of Tropical Islands Freshwaters

S. Coat and D. Monti

A Reactor for the Decontamination of Water Using Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Solar Energy

S. Ali Shah, R. Saunders and R. Clarke.

Metallic Contaminations in Two Bays of Guadeloupe - Set Up of a Biomonitoring Survey by Using a Biomarker of Genotoxicity on the Mangrove Oyster (Crassostrea rhizophorae)

G. Ramdine, D. Fichet and S. Lemoine

Short-Time Scales Variability of the Global Solar Radiation in Guadeloupe

T. Soubdhan, F. Dupont, R. Calif and B. Deshaies

Acceptance, Applicability and Efficiency of Batch Disinfection of Rainwater for Human Consumption in Rural Communities of Trinidad Using Solar Radiation

W.A. Mellowes and K.D. Thomas

Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Thickness from Solar Radiation Data: Study of a Saharan Dust Event In Guadeloupe

T. Feuillard, R. Bonhomme, J. Molinié, S. Jacoby-Koaly, R.H. Petit and F. Brute

High Particles Concentration Levels and Relationship with Air Conditioning: Study of Three Cases of Intoxication in Public Offices

J. Molinié, R.H. Petit, S. Jacoby-Koaly and A. Roussas

Measurement and Analysis of Wind Velocity and short Time Scale Wind Speed Forecast

R. Blonbou, R. Calif, F. Dupont, T. Soubdhan and B. Deshaies

Simulation of Rainfall Interception Processes for Pollution Hazards Estimation Under Banana Plants

C. Bassette and F. Bussière

Molasse Spentwash Treatment by Two Processes: Adsorption on AC and Biodegradation

S. Figaro, C. Jean-Marius, O. Gros, L. Farhasmane, B. Ganou, F. Bazile, W. Achouack, M.A. Roncato, A. Ouensanga and S. Gaspard

Measurement and Computer Representation of Banana Plants for Environmental Studies

S. Dufour-Kowalski, and F. Bussière

Energy Production and Pollutant Mitigation from Broiler Houses on Poultry Farms in Pennsylvania and Jamaica

N. M. Brown and C.E. Mortley

Root Growth Responses of a wheat Cropland Weed, Melilotus indicus(L.) All., Papilionaceae to Air Pollution

Mohammad Saquib

Environment / Climate / Naural Hazards / Simulation

Mathematical Tools for Modeling Natural Risks

M.F. Hasler

Climatological Analysis of Deep Convective Days in Guadeloupe

N. Nathou and E. Hicks

Modelling of The Wind Field Produced During a Hurricane Passage in the Vicinity of an Island. A Case Study: The Island of Guadeloupe (FWI)

K. Elise. and C. Asselin de Beauville

Behavioral Change: an Original Application of Health Belief Models for the Prevention of Natural Hazards

N. Michalon

Two Numerical Experiments for the Investigation of Possible Influences of a Climate Change on the Global Atmospheric Electrical Circuit

N. Michalon

Facing Natural Hazards: Policies, Strategies, role of Basic Sciences

L. Alvarez-Diaz

CDSA: A New Seismological Data Center for French West Indies

M. Bengoubou-Valérius, D. Bertil, S. Bazin, A. Bosson, F. Beauducel and A. Randrianasolo

Seismogenic Potential of Fore-Arc Tectonic Structures: Onshore - Offshore Geology Helps to Understand the Tectonic Activity at the Marie-Galante Basin - Lesser Antilles

J.F. Lebrun, J.L. Léticée, S. Bes de Berc, J.J. Cornée, P. Munch, A. Randrianasolo, I. Thinon and M. Villeneuve

Evaluation of the Tsunami Risk for Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles)

N. Zahibo, E. Pelinovsky and I. Nikolkina

North Atlantic Hurricanes Trajectories; Important Forecast Parameters: a Case Study, 2006 Hurricane Season

G. Lequellec and C. Asselin de Beauville

A Method of Analysis and Identification of Clouds of Satellite Images Coming from GOES Satellite

J. Nagau and J-L Henry

Initialization of an Atmospheric Mesoscale Model for the Prediction of the Track and Intensity of Hurricanes

W. Sicot

Climatology of African Dust using Meteosat IR throughout the Period 1984-1998

M. Legrand, O. Pancrati, N. J. Brooks and L. J. Shipman

Evaluation of Rainfall Over Guadeloupe by Four Cumulus Parameterization Schemes: Case of the Tropical Depression Jeanne

C. Jean-Charles and C. Asselin De Beauville

Estimation of Downward Longwave Radiation in Guadeloupe

A. Fouéré, R. Bonhomme, F. Busière and S. Dufour-Kowalski

Early Observations of the Blazar OJ 287: Further Evidence for the Binary Black Hole Model

H. Rampadarath, M.J. Valtonen, R. Saunders and H.J. Lehto

Agriculture / Plant Biology

Statistical Study of Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Plant Infection by SCYLV in a Disease Free Plot

O. Jacquet, C. Edon, J. Vaillant and J.H. Daugrois

Tentative Estimates of Carbon Storage Ability Within Coastal Forested Wetlands in The Caribbean

J.M. Flower

Evaluation of a Direct Field Method of Soil Salinity Appraisal

G. Eudoxie

Paddy Cultivation in Sodic Soil through Vermitech

A. A. Ansari

Soil Texture and Organic Matter Effects on Structural Stability, Infiltration, Runoff and Seal Formation

M.N. Wuddivira, R.J. Stone and E.I. Ekwue

Effects Of Musa x paradisiaca Plant Extracts on the Digestive Parasitic Nematode Haemonchus contortus in the French West Indies

C. Marie-Magdeleine, M. Mahieu, H. Hoste and H. Archimède

The Ectomycorrhizal Fungus Scleroderma bermudense Improves Water Status and Limits Sodium and Chloride in Seagrape (Coccoloba uvifera L.) Seedlings

E. Bandou, F. Lebailly, F. Muller, M. Dulormne, A. Toribio, J. Chabrol, R. Courtecuisse, Y. Prin, B. Dreyfus and A. Bâ

Leaf Allometry in Long and Short Shoots of Betula papyrifera

J. C. Caesar

Biodiversity in Rain Forests of the Lesser Antilles

E. Ingadassamy and A. Rousteau

Agriculture / Animal Biology

A Low Cost Mechanism for Restraint and Handling of the Collared Peccary

(Tayassu tajacu; Pecari tajacu), applied in Kourou, French Guiana

G. Young, A. Steil and G. Garcia

The Ability of Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) to Assess Quality and Level of

Tropical Grass Intake by Creole Sheep

A. Fanchone, M. Boval, P. Lecomte and H. Archimede

Influence of a Sugar Cane Diet on Growth Performance, Carcass Traits and Meat Quality in Creole Growing Pigs

X. Xandé, D. Renaudeau, E. Despois, M. Giorgi and B. Bocage

How to Produce Heavy Goat Carcass With Lean Meat?

L. Limea, G. Alexandre, R. Arquet, G. Gravillon, B. Bocage

Marine Biology / Bacteriology

Marine Biotechnology in the Caribbean: Study of Codakia orbicularis Gill Proteins

J.P.F. Gourdine and E.J. Smith-Ravin

The Post Larval Settlement of Fishes on a Coral Reef of Guadeloupe (FWI)

Y. Frejaville, Y. Bouchon-Navaro, M. Louis and C. Bouchon

Antimicrobial Substances from Marine Bacteria

C. Walters

The CHALOUPE Project: Global Change, Dynamics of Exploited Marine Diversity, and Viability of Fisheries

F. Blanchard and O. Thèbaud

A Spatial and Temporal Study of the Benthic Communities in the Coral Reefs of the Bay Islands, Honduras

P. Portillo, Y. Bouchon-Navaro, M. Louis and C. Bouchon

Significance of Environmental Variables for the Structure of Fish Assemblages in the Lagoon of the Grand Cul-De-Sac Marin (Guadeloupe - FWI)

A. Vaslet, C. Bouchon, Y. Bouchon-Navarro and M. Louis

Seagrass Beds as Important Habitats for Juvenile Fishes in the Bay of the Grand Cul-De-Sac Marin (Guadeloupe, F.W.I.)

D. Kopp, Y. Bouchon-Navarro, C. Bouchon and M. Louis

Colonization of Sunken Wood in the Caribbean Area: Influence of the Environment

M.C.Z. Laurent and O. Gros

Bacterial Symbiosis in Wood Fall Bivalves

M.C.Z. Laurent and O. Gros

Description of the Extracellular Bacterial Interactions in Marine Nematodes From thalassia testudinum Environment

L.C. Maurin and O. Gros

Observation of Marine Nematodes Along a Transect Beach-Seagrass Beds of thalassia testudinum: a SEM Analysis

L.C. Maurin, C. Grateloup, M. Delannay and O. Gros

Health / Social Sciences

The Design and Application of a Biomedical Sensor for Blood Volume Pulsations

S. Cornwall, K. De Souza and R. Saunders

Modeling Economic Impact of Changes in Tourism for the French Overseas Region: the Guadeloupean Case

S. Mathouraparsad, A. Maurin and J.G. Montauban

Evaluation of Intensive Care in Trinidad - a Comparison with the Developed World

S. Hariharan, D. Chen

Fighting Against Sedentarity in the Caribbean Area: on the Interest of a Pluridisciplinar Approach

S. Antoine-Jonville, S. Sinnapah, S. Ruffié, S. Jacquelin, J.P. Donnet and O. Hue

Impact of Science on Gender Ideology in Society

K. Philip, N. Badrie and G. Sirju-Charran

Sickle Cell Trait Carriers: are they Comparable to Subjects with Normal Haemoglobin? From Cellular Biology to the Cardiovascular Approach

F. Sara, P. Connes, M.D. Hardy-Dessources, L. Marlin, M. Montout-Hedreville, J. Tripette, M. Etienne-Julan, C. Saint-Martin, J.C. Barthélémy and O. Hue

Comparing Physical Behaviors and Dietary Habits of Guadeloupeans Originating and Not Originating From India: Need for a Multidimensional Approach

S. Sinnapah, S. Antoine-Jonville, J.P. Donnet, S. Ruffié, and O. Hue

Factors influencing food choices by secondary school children with specific reference to health and nutrition in Trinidad, West Indies

N. Badrie, V. Leith, C. Serrette and T. Marie Rousseau

An Example of Applied Underwater Archaeological Studies in the West Indies

B. Vicens and J.S. Guibert

HLA Alleles Distribution Among a French Caribbean Population

M.O. Joannes, F. Agis and R. Chout

Neuroprotection: Activation of Novel Endogenous Pathways?

F.F. Youssef

Women in Sciences in the Caribbean: Some Data and Reflections

L. Alvarez-Diaz

Social Sciences, an Indispensable View on West Indian Health

J. Dumont, J. Pruneau, S. Ruffié, S. Laupa and G. Villoing

Social Dialogue in Conflictual Settings : The Case of Guadeloupe

F. Alvarez and H. Ernatus

Risk Factors of Acute Chest Syndrome in Guadeloupean Sickle Cell Anemia Children

V. Tarer, V. Chaar, M. Etienne-Julan, J.P. Diara, L. Doumdo, J. Elion and M. Romana

Sickle Red Cells Dynamic Behavior Under Venular Blood Flow

C. Allayous, A. Bruel, D. Schoëvaërt, R. Emilion and T. Marianne-Pepin

Sport and Sickle Cell Disease in 12-19 Years Old Adolescents in Guadeloupe: Best Enemies

J. Pruneau, F. Maillard and B. Philippon

The Effect of Tropical Environment on Sports Performances

S. Blonc, E. Senatus, C. Robin, M. Le Her and O. Hue

Modern Biotechnology and Biosafety Policy Issues for Guyana

J. C. Caesar

Elements de Prospective et l'Environnement

M. Castellanos, J.G. Montauban, A. Rodrigue and L. Alvarez

Climate Change and Caribbean Economic Development: an Opportunity for Convergence of the Sciences

M. Attzs

A New Recombinant Geminivirus Infecting Sida in Jamaica

C.S. Stewart and M.E. Roye

Setting up of a Pet - Ct Center in Martinique: Interest and Feasibility

H. Azaloux, J. Baudin-Veronique, J.M. Caignon, C. Draganescu, M. Dieye and J. Smith-Ravin

Revitalizing Science and Technology Policy for Sustainable Development in Guyana: Leveraging

Lessons from the Developing World

J. C. Caesar

Low brain cytochrome c oxydase activityIn two rabbit models of Alzheimer's Disease

T. Alleyne, J. Joseph, N. Mohan and A. Adogwa

The effect of Apium graveolens and Momordica charantia on plasma lipids and blood pressure in laboratory rats

E. Cummings and M. Varswyk

The Effects of Apium graveolens and Trigonella foenumgraecum on Plasmolipids in Laboratory Rats

E. Cummings and G. Coopsammy