Profiles and Abstracts of Plenary and Invited Speakers

(ISBN 978-976-620-299-6)



CAS-P001: New Approaches for the Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products 1
Kamaluddin Abdur-Rashid
CAS-P002: Is Transgenic Learning a Radical Boost for Innovative Education? 2
Daniel Burgos
CAS-P003: Materials for Renewable Energy Technologies 3
Richard Catlow
CAS-P004: Rethinking STEM Higher Education in the 21st Century 4
John G. Hildebrand  
CAS-P005: Data-Driven Decision Making: Practical Observations from the Public and Private Sectors in Jamaica 5
Parris Lyew-Ayee  
CAS-P006: Geoengineering and Climate Change 6
Douglas MacMartin  
CAS-P007: Technology & Science - The Promise of an Easier Life 7
David McBean  
CAS-P008: Innovations in the Food and Agriculture Industry with an Emphasis on Packaging 8
Melvin Pascall  
CAS-P009:: Convergence of Science: Linking Nanotechnology and Photonics with Chemistry and Biology, To Impact Energy, Health Care and Economic Development 10
Paras Prasad
CAS-P010: Mentorship and Networking for Scientific Advancement and a Diverse Research Workforce 12
Jamboor Viswanatha
At the 30th Anniversary Banquet:
CAS-P011: The Key Ingredients of a Successful Innovation Strategy 14
Joy Spence
Forum on Gender Disparity:
CAS-P012: UNESCO's Work in Achieving Gender Equality 15
Andrea Giselles Burbano Fuertes
CAS-P013: Women in the Academies of Sciences in the World, Still in Disadvantage - "More Women, Better Science" 15
Lilliam Margarita Alvarez-Diaz
CAS-P014: STEM Disparity and the Need for Female Inclusion 16
K. Renee Horton
CAS-P015: Moderator for the Forum on Gender Disparity 16
Petal Punalall Jetoo
CAS-P016: Implementation of the UNESCO SAGA Project: The Jamaica Experience 16
Aisha Jones
CAS-P017: TBA and presented by UNESCO Officer 17
Zelmira May
CAS-P018: Participation of Women in Mathematics at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo 18
Elizabeth Rincón Santana
CAS-P019: Female Participation and Opportunities in Engineering 19
Elena Trim